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Dec 2014  
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Industry News Items

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 igus supports student robotics competition

Pallet systems control product flow and routing
Dorner Mfg. has introduced new pallet system components for use on its 2200 SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor platform that provides accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic and inspection applications.
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Universal Robots creates equivalent of app store for robots
With URCaps, Universal Robots has created the equivalent of an app store for robots.
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Variable-frequency drive provides efficient process control
Variable speed control for electronic drives is a main factor for increasing energy efficiency in machine engineering. With the EFC 3600 variable frequency drive series, Bosch Rexroth offers the economic benefits for general automation, material handling and pumps, fans and compressors, which had up to now been operated continuously and inefficiently.
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Light grid detects transparent, fast-moving objects
SICK announced the launch of the MLG-2 automation light grids.
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Safety technology integrated into automation network
The growth in use and complexity of automation across industries is driving a parallel growth in the complexity of human-machine interfaces (HMIs), resulting in an increased need for standardized, cost-effective functional safety for OEMs. To simplify the development of complex machines, Rexroth is integrating safety technology into the Sercos automation network.
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Vertical Automation
Author: Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor
Published: August 2014

Teach your vertical machining center to "dance without a partner."
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Automation Marches On
Author: Alan Richter, Editor
Published: June 2014

Mobile robots for massive-part manufacturers.
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Automating The Impossible
Author: Evan Jones Thorne, Senior Editor
Published: June 2014

Cutting Tool Engineering Senior Editor Evan Jones Thorne interviews Len Graham of Rexam Mold Manufacturing.
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What's On Your Pallet?
Author: Susan Woods, Contributing Editor
Published: June 2013

Implementing automated pallet systems in small and medium-size shops can reduce labor costs and increase profitability.
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Going Toe To Toe On Robotics
Author: Alan Rooks, Editorial Director
Published: March 2013

One fond memory from my long-ago youth was playing Rock’Em, Sock’Em Robots with my next-door neighbor. My parents wouldn’t get me the game, for reasons I forget, but my friend Ronnie, who always got the latest, greatest games and toys, had a brand-new version. The objective was to manipulate your plastic robot to knock out the other robot by hitting his spring-loaded head, making it pop up. In January, the robotics industry was playing Rock’Em, Sock’Em Robots with CBS’s “60 Minutes.” The news program broadcast a segment called “Are robots hurting job growth?” based in large part on an interview with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and co-authors of the 2011 book, “Race Against the Machine.”
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True Mold Manufacturing
Len Graham, Business Unit Leader, Rexam Mold Manufacturing, discusses the motivation behind the Buffalo Grove, Ill., company's decision to build a Mega Cell automated mold manufacturing system. Graham offers a detailed walk-through of the company's Mega Cell, which began operation in March 2013.
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Smart Automation
Perplexed by the lack of automation for vertical machining centers, Steve Simons, president of Simons Design Innovation, decided to do something about it. His Mountain View, Calif., company then built a working prototype in 2010 and launched Smart Valet Model SV-1 in May at an event held at K-Fab Inc., a parts manufacturer in Santa Clara, Calif.
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FANUC's New Automotive Solution
FANUC FA America featured a seamlessly integrated automotive solution at the imX event held in Las Vegas Sept. 12-14. The new system integrates CNCs, robots, Rockwell Automation PLC Pack Motion and Enterprise Software solutions.
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FANUC Connectivity: A Focus On Fast Atom
FANUC FA America's Paul Webster provides a tour of the company's Fast Atom plant floor management/connectivity system. In addition, Webster explains how the company is extending its assistance to help keep legacy equipment connected.
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High-speed Wire Act
The CTE Plus video crew captured a brief demonstration of the FI 240 CC high-speed wire EDM machine at the GF AgieCharmilles booth during the EASTEC show this spring.
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