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Dec 2014  
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Industry News Items

 Additive mfg. sees increase in production parts

 Sandvik Coromant recycles for vets

 Versevo celebrates 20 years

 Merger creates Sandvik Hyperion

 New business unit for Mitsubishi Materials

Precision Solutions purchases Red Devil furnace
Lucifer Furnaces delivered a Red Devil Series furnace to Precision Solutions, Richmond, Utah.
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Diehl Steel introduces mold-quality alloy steel
Diehl Steel has introduced Marshalloy MQ/FM pre-hardened alloy steel.
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Circular lifting magnets are efficient and economical
Eriez circular lifting magnets provide an inexpensive and effective solution for handling all types of steel, especially scrap.
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Eriez 5-Star Service rebuilds vibratory feeders
Eriez 5-Star Service provides a comprehensive rebuild program for vibratory feeders.
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Magnetic drum separators separate parts from abrasive media
Eriez says its magnetic drum separators offer an ideal separation solution for metalworking applications that require separation of ferrous parts from abrasive media.
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Tackling Titanium
Author: Mark Larson, Makino Inc.
Published: June 2014

Mark Larson, a titanium process R&D manager for Makino Inc., answers 10 questions about machining titanium alloys.
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Designing Diamond
Author: Alan Richter, Editor
Published: August 2013

A new R&D center for synthetic diamond.
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Tough Enough
Author: Alan Richter, Editor
Published: June 2013

Cobalt-chrome alloys are a good fit for medical and dental parts, but machining them can be a headache.
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Cutting With Particle Beams
Author: Alan Richter, Editor
Published: June 2013

A new "particle beam" technology for machining carbon-based and ceramic matrix composites.
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Hard Metal Machines
Author: Alan Richter, Editor
Published: March 2013

All metals are not created equal. Therefore, neither are the machine tools for cutting them. Parts for extreme aerospace applications, such as in engines, landing gear and flap tracks, must be made of a heat- and corrosion-resistant metal, which typically has a high Young’s modulus of elasticity and is difficult to machine. These include titanium, stainless steel and high-nickel alloys. The “hard metal” machines that process the parts must be stiff, typically requiring a large mass, and have a large servomotor to create lots of thrust. They also need a high-torque spindle to effectively move the cutter through the material and a high thrust load on the axes of the ballscrews, which often have a low 8mm pitch, to offer an effective mechanical advantage, according to Scott Walker, president of machine tool builder Mitsui Seiki USA Inc., Franklin Lakes, N.J. He explained that the machines are built that way because aerospace customers typically run them slower than 600 rpm, require around 2,000 ft.-lbs. of torque and take maximum chip loads from 0.002 to 0.006 ipt. “So you build this big, rugged machine,” Walker said.
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Automotive Market Adopts Rapid Prototyping
Producing prototype automotive parts via 3-D printing helps reduce time to market while boosting vehicle quality and fuel efficiency.
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A Closer Look
Dr. Jeffrey Badger takes a closer look at a string of photos taken at extreme magnifications to better understand what's happening to the wheel surface in a variety of grinding applications.
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Boost For Lathe Tool Inventory
During IMTS 2012 in September, the Morris Group Inc. announced an exclusive agreement with SU-matic, a subsidiary of Suhner Holding AG of Switzerland. The deal means Velocity Products, a division of the Morris Group, will supply the North American metalworking industry with tooling for Okuma lathes, multitasking machines and machining centers.
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Sandvik Adds To CoroDrill Line
Don Nelson, publisher of Cutting Tool Engineering and MICROmanufacturing magazines, spoke with Sandvik Coromant's John Dotday about the company's new solid-carbide CoroDrill 860 and exchangeable-tip CoroDrill 870.
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PM Grinding Truth
A shop that switched to powder-metallurgy steel after being told it would be easier to grind has found the opposite to be true. The shop turned to Dr. Jeffrey Badger, our Grinding Doc columnist, for the facts.
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