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Apr 2014  
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Open letter from machinist's wife
Author: Kathy Deren
Published: March 2014
Itís 6 a.m. and the wind chill is -45į F. As I watch you get ready for work, your gait is a little slower these days, and I have to talk a little louder because your hearing is not as good after being around loud machinery for more than 30 years. After you go, I settle down with my tea and peruse your latest CTE column. I always try to read them, because you discuss your career, the places youíve gone and the marvels youíve seen. I come across the line, ďI canít wait to get to work each day.Ē

Wonderful world of manufacturing
Author: Michael Deren
Published: January 2014
"Having been in manufacturing as long as I have," writes Machinist's Corner Columnist Michael Deren, "you might think Iíve grown tired of the daily grind. On the contrary, I usually canít wait to get to work each day."

Fixture job doesn't hold up
Author: Michael Deren
Published: October 2013
Machinist's Corner columnist shares personal experience with purchasing tooling and fixtures for the shop.

Rep's pitch is high and outside
Author: Michael Deren
Published: September 2013
This month's Cutting Tool Engineering Machinist's Corner column asks, "Why waste everyone's time courting a new customer if you aren't prepared to accommodate them?"

Time to upgrade equipment
Author: Michael Deren
Published: July 2013
Machinist's Corner columnist Michael Deren recounts how he responded when upper management issued a directive to increase throughput.

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