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Nov 2015  
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ESAB introduces series of gas apparatus products
Sabrecut Gas Apparatus Products
Tooling - Sabrecut Gas Apparatus Products


411 S. Ebenezer Rd.
P.O. Box 100545
Florence, SC 29501-0545



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March 2014 - ESAB's Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus introduces the SabreCut series of gas apparatus products, a comprehensive line of straight cutting and combination torches, regulators, regulator-flowmeters, cutting tips and complete outfits. The SabreCut series addresses a full range of welding and cutting needs for light, general fabrication.

ESAB introduced its Purox and Oxweld gas apparatus products in 1912 for oxy-fuel welding, cutting and heating. The new SabreCut series complements these existing lines and provides a quality, affordable portfolio of fit-for-purpose gas apparatus products with the flexibility to accept "brand V" cutting, welding and heating consumables.

SabreCut universal mixer torches can be used with any fuel gas, including acetylene. They include the SC-370 combination torch and cutting attachment (accepting Series 1 cutting, Series W welding and MFA/MFN heating tips), the SC-270 combination torch and cutting attachment (accepting Series 3 cutting, Series W-1 welding and MFA-1/MFN-1 tips), and the SCT-300 straight cutting torch (accepting Series 1 cutting tips).

In addition, ESAB's new regulators, with options for all major gases, include a full line of SC-350 (heavy duty), SC-250 (medium duty) and SC-150 (light duty) regulators. Also available are 2 SC-RF regulator-flowmeters for use with inert gases, as well as a carbon dioxide model.

SabreCut outfits cut up to 1.5 inches as packaged (up to 6 inches with options tips) and are available in a variety of options to fit specific application needs. ESAB's heavy-duty SC-HD and medium-duty SC-MD outfits are offered in acetylene or alternate fuel versions, while a light-duty SC-LD provides excellent value as an acetylene outfit.

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