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Nov 2015  
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Gear grinding fluid formulated from synethic base stocks
SintoGrind 353 Gear Grinding Fluid
Grinding - SintoGrind 353 Gear Grinding Fluid

oelheld U.S. Inc.

1760 Britannia Dr. - Unit 1
Elgin, IL 60124



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February 2014 - oelheld U.S. introduces SintoGrind 353, a premium gear grinding fluid formulated from pure synthetic base stocks. SintoGrind 353 was especially formulated for demanding grinding tasks and handles hardened steels in excess of 65 Rockwell with ease. Its lubricity helps to extend wheel life and minimizes heat build-up in the work piece. This results in higher production rates and the elimination of surface cracks and burns.

Unlike mineral based grinding oils, synthetic lubricants contain no contaminants or molecules that don't serve a designed purpose. They are made from molecules saturated with a higher percentage of carbon-hydrogen bonds leaving fewer sites for other, harmful molecules to attach and attack the molecular composition of the oil. In addition, the smooth, uniform lubricating molecules slip easily across one another.

In short, synthetics' versatility and pure, uniform molecular structure impart properties that provide superior friction-reduction, maximum film strength, little air entrainment, low evaporation rate and extreme-temperature performance, according to the company. SintoGrind 353 has no hazardous elements and exhibits stable viscosity at a wide range of temperatures. With proper filtration, SintoGrind 353 will provide its users with an unlimited life span.

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