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Nov 2015  
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Collets, bushings and toolholders designed for durability
Toolholder Collets, Bushings and Toolholders
Tooling - Toolholder Collets, Bushings and Toolholders

Hardinge Inc.

P.O. Box 1507
Elmira, NY 14902-1507



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September 2013 - When it comes to tool holding, value is all about precision and reliability that will transmit to the finished part. Hardinge says its toolholder collets, bushings and tool holders are designed and engineered for quality and durability. Hardinge's standard of performance is high to help you achieve the level of accuracy required. Hardinge tool holders and toolholder collets are available in ER, DA (double angle), TG (tremendous grip), HDO, and HF styles. Hardinge also offers standard collets and tool holders in Cincinnati Monoset and 1C styles.

All standard ER-style toolholder collets are manufactured from special alloy steels. They are precision-machined to extremely close tolerances to assure superior concentricity. Hardinge offers a variety of tool holders for ER-style collets that are used to grip drills, taps, reamers, end mills, boring bars, and round shank end working tools. The ER-style single-angle collets are used on Swiss-type lathes and in tool holders for mills and CNC lathes. The DA-style double-angle collet is noted for its parallel gripping capability due to the two angles and opposed split configuration. This places the parallel bearing on the tool shank, as well as the full diameter of the tool.

Cincinnati Monoset toolholder collets are machined toexacting tolerances to guarantee concentricity between the OD of the collet and its bore. Hardinge offers the Cincinnati Monoset collets in the 1CH and the 3CH sizes. The 1C collet, used in Hardinge T17 5/8" and 3/4" tool holders, is mounted in round tool holders and turrets to place the tool on the spindle centerline for precision drilling. 1C collets provide an accurate method ofholding drills, center drills, round shank boring bars, and round shank turning tools. The 1C eccentric tool holder provides additional adjustment required for most gang tool style top plates. Hardinge 1C collets are available in round, hex, square and decimal sizes.

Hardinge also offers precision-machined HD-style bushings in three styles. The hardness and resiliency manufactured into Hardinge bushings make them the longest lasting and most accurate bushings in the industry. The HDB bushing has a knurled shoulder for easy installation and removal. A flat is milled on the OD of the bushing where the tool holder or the turret set screws clamp on the bushing for maximum surface contact. The HDC bushings feature one or two longitudinal slots, depending on the size of the bore. The slots allow the setscrew from the tool holder to locate directly on the body of the tool. The HDZ bushings also feature either one or two longitudinal slots, depending on the size of the bore. The bushings have a flange with two setscrews 90 degress apart to preset tools prior to installing them into the machine tool.

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