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Nov 2014  
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Metalworking fluid is for near-dry/MQL applications
Lubricut 5000 Metalworking Fluid
Coolant Application Equipment - Lubricut 5000 Metalworking Fluid

Chemtool Inc.

801 W. Rockton Rd.
Rockton, IL 61072



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August 2013 - Lubricut 5000 from Chemtool Inc. is a uniquely formulated metalworking fluid based upon synthetic technologies for utilization as a mist or near dry machining lubricant for all metals. Lubricut 5000 is non-water-miscible.

Lubricut 5000 is particularly well-suited for cut-off operations where fluid misting/ near dry lubricants are utilized. The lubrication properties of Lubricut 5000 allows for extended tool and cut-off blade life while depositing only a minimal residual film, according to the company.

Lubricut 5000 is particularly effective as a saw lube for aluminum billets and extrusions for both cast and regular aluminum alloys as well as most non-ferrous metals. Lubricut 5000 exhibits low-mist properties and a low V.O.C. value of only 4.7 grams/liter making it a highly compatible product for environmental compliance and extremely safe working conditions.

Product benefits include:

Outstanding lubrication based upon blend of synthetic esters and high molecular weight polymers

Contains no chlorine, phosphorus, boron nor zinc

Contains balanced nonferrous corrosion inhibitor

Low odor and transparent appearance for worker acceptance

Low viscosity ideal for misting/near dry applications

High flash point and low-mist/smoking characteristics

Low V.O.C. value of only 4.7 grams/liter

Effective selection for the machining of both general and automotive alloys, both ferrous and nonferrous

Copper corrosion rating of 1b via ASTM D130

High oxidative stability

High viscosity index

Excellent micro-tap lubrication results on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with form taps

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