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Nov 2015  
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New software improves pick-and-pass operations
Power Pick Global Software
Software - Power Pick Global Software

KardexRemstar Inc.

41 Eisenhower Dr.
Westbrook, ME 04092


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May 2103 - Two new Power Pick Global software features improve pick and pass operations in organizations. Power Pick Global software from KardexRemstar Inc. can improve material flow by directing operators to the next pick within the pick zone reducing operator dwell time. In addition, orders can now be processed through multiple work zones with the scan of a barcode. These new features eliminate paper lists, minimize potential operator downtime as well as increase productivity and efficiency.

Pick and pass order fulfillment allows organizations to pick in one zone and then pass to the next zone for further order fulfillment. Ideal for operations with a large number of SKUs, spread over multiple workstations, orders are downloaded into Power Pick Global software and ready for fulfillment. Orders can be grouped together by priority or delivery date, and then sent to the workstations for picking.

In each pick zone, Power Pick Global software easily navigates the next pick by displaying a message to the operator. This eliminates the need to reference the computer screen located at a picking station, saving the operator time. For example, if an operator is picking from 1 of 3 Kardex Remstar Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) in zone 1, Power Pick Global software can tell the operator after picking from VLM 1, the next pick is in VLM 3. This eliminates operator dwell time. While picking from VLM 1, VLM 3 is already retrieving the next pick in the order.

Another new feature allows an operator to scan the order tote when it arrives in the zone to start picking. Previously, as an order moved from work zone to work zone, a paper printout with the order number had to be scanned for each zone to begin picking. Now, each order tote has a bar code ID unique to that order. The operator in each work zone simply scans the bar code on the tote and the order information automatically populates in the Power Pick Global software. This eliminates the need for an operator to search for the paper order, increasing worker productivity and efficiency.

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