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Nov 2014  
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Chemtool introduces unique metalworking fluid
NuSol 21 Preeminent CP Metalworking Fluid
Coolant Application Equipment - NuSol 21 Preeminent CP Metalworking Fluid

Chemtool Inc.

801 W. Rockton Rd.
Rockton, IL 61072



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March 2013 - NuSol 21 Preeminent CP is a new technology that Chemtool Incorporated is introducing to the metalworking industry. NuSol 21 Preeminent CP is manufactured using a proprietary process that incorporates into the product many unique characteristics which promote very high productivity and minimal downtime for the end user.

NuSol 21 Preeminent CP is formulated using a unique preformed emulsion of very small and stable particle size (average particle size of one micron). This preformed emulsion, based upon a high viscosity, high molecular weight hydrocarbon base stock, provides superior boundary lubrication. The small particle size provides a very durable and uniform lubricant film, enhanced cooling, a clean running fluid, and hard water stability.

NuSol 21 Preeminent CP is an excellent replacement for soluble oil applications including quenching fluids, machining operations and forming fluids, according to the company. NuSol 21 Preeminent CP is formulated with enhanced corrosion inhibition for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. In addition, it offers excellent biostability properties for a soluble oil replacement. NuSol 21 Preeminent CP offers general lubrication for ferrous applications and should be evaluated for select non-ferrous metal machining applications.

NuSol 21 Preeminent CP Benefits:

  • Will not produce "Monday Morning Odors."
  • The biostable chemistry maintains the pH eliminating objectionable odors
  • Excellent corrosion protection for all tooling, equipment, and parts
  • Exceptional lubricant film for good tool life and quality finishes
  • Extremely small particle size for superior wetting and excellent hard water stability
  • High degree of cleanliness and very low reportable VOC's for operator acceptance
  • Excellent replacement for soluble oil quenching fluids and machining fluids
  • Halogen free
  • High molecular oil pre-formed emulsion for excellent boundary lubrication
  • Low V.O.C. value of only 43.1 g/l.
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