Introducing …

Stellram® NL Turning Grades

Take all your turning operations to the Next Level …

  • Longer tool life—up to 30% or more
  • Greater productivity
  • Increase metal removal rates
  • Improved component yield
  • Less machine down time

It’s easy to do with Stellram® NL Turning Grade Inserts

  • NL advanced CVD coating technology provides improved surface layering for
    longer tool life—up to 30% or more
  • NL inserts reduce kinetic friction, reducing component heat and stress
  • NL grades are specifically engineered to provide optimum performance in multiple applications and materials

You select the grade based on the material you are machining.

It’s that EASY.

Here are the five NL grades,
with the best material applications noted:


Five new Stellram® NL Turning Grades feature advanced CVD coating technology, which results in uniform layers and improved adhesion. The resulting highly polished appearance provides the look of fine jewelry while reducing kinetic friction for longer tool life and improved surface finish.

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Coating Type: CVD


Benefit: High speed machining

First choice to machine Cast Iron, this grade has a very good resistance to wear and deformation, suitable for medium and finishing applications on gray and malleable cast irons.



Coating Type: CVD


Benefit: High speed & high feed

Wear resistant grade for semi-finishing and finishing applications. Suitable for stable conditions, with limited interrupted machining.



Coating Type: CVD


Benefit: High metal removal

A tough, wear resistant grade for medium and rough machining with light scale but no interruption. General purpose for Steels and Cast Iron materials.



Coating Type: CVD


Benefit: Strong edge security

A very tough grade for medium and rough machining, primarily on Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys. Good resistance to thermal diffusion, and accepts light interruption.



Coating Type: CVD


Benefit: Exceptional toughness

A fine grain but tough grade with a high degree of edge security on Steels and Stainless Steels. Performs well on rough and heavy machining applications, including interrupted applications.


ATI Stellram is known for its "best in class" machining solutions for high-performance metals, including titanium alloys, nickel based alloys and stainless steels.

Now that advanced capability is focused on all your turning operations including steels and cast irons.

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ATI Stellram is a metalcutting and metal finishing technology leader whose products include…

  • Indexable and solid carbide cutting tool systems (Stellram® brand)
  • Specialty abrasives, carbide burrs and routers (Garryson® brand)
  • Thread cutting and thread rolling products (Landis® brand)

ATI Stellram machining solutions are used extensively in high-performance applications in the Defense, Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Medical, Transportation, Construction and Mining markets.

ATI Stellram's quest to develop the industry's best tools has led to breakthrough advances in both indexable cutting tools and solid carbide cutting tools.

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