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Company Overview

Any overview of Fastenal has to start with a look at our 2,500+ store locations. After all, when our customers think of Fastenal, they don't think of some remote corporation; they think of the people in their local Fastenal store who serve them on a regular basis.

What does local Fastenal store service mean for you? It means immediate access to locally stocked products, including items that can be stocked specifically for your business. It also means on-site/on-call service from a Fastenal representative who lives in the community, understands your business, and considers it part of the job to help you solve problems and succeed. The result is a level of effort, accountability, and collaboration that pays off in countless ways -- every day, and when you need it most.

So when you hear us talk about our thousands of stores, keep in mind that we're not talking about how big we are; we're talking about how LOCAL we are. And that's what Fastenal is all about: using our global distribution strength to be the best local supplier in every market we serve.

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2001 Theurer Blvd.
Winona, MN 55987

Tel. (507) 454-5374
Fax (507) 453-8049

Product Categories (20)



Inventory & Product Solutions

Custom Packaging

From kitted parts with custom labeling to complete "install and assembly" kits

Inventory Management

We can provide just the right amount of inventory, when and where you need it to minimize your total cost of ownership

FAST Solutions

Simple, affordable solutions to streamline your supply process

Process Mapping

Our inventory management specialists will work with your personnel to map how product flows through your current system and identify areas where operational costs can be reduced or eliminated.

Product Sourcing

Put our global sourcing, QA, procurement, and logistics strength to work for you


Engineering & Lab Services

A2LA Accredited Calibration & Lab Testing

Dimensional, mechanical, and chemical analysis; calibration of testing/measuring equipment

Fastenal Engineering & Design Support

Our engineers can answer your technical fastener questions, provide application testing and training, and help you optimize fastener usage during production.


Manufacturing Services

Custom Manufacturing

We make the unavailable part available -- from short run specials to high-volume cold headed fasteners

Metals, Alloys & Materials Services

Metals, alloys, and materials cut to length with no minimums

Tool and Cutter Grinding

Complete re-sharpening of end mills, step mills, reamers, and other H.S.S. and carbide cutting tools


Industrial Services

Custom Chain Sling Fabrication & Inspection

Standard or custom fabricated chain slings to fit your specific needs. Inspection and recertification services are also available to meet OSHA requirements

Cut-to-Length Metal, Chain, & Cable

Save time, space, and money by ordering what you need, when you need it

Hose Fabrication

Our factory authorized service centers can produce virtually any length, type, or quantity

Third Party Logistics

Fastenal is a licensed common carrier that can provide Less-Than-Truckload service in specific lanes at extremely competitive rates

Tool & Hoist Repair & Certification

Factory authorized service, fast lead times, and convenient pick-up and delivery

Weld-to-Length Bandsaws

Weld-to-length blades worked to your precise specs and delivered to your location

Did you know that Fastenal is ISO 9001:2008 certified? View our ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.