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Company Profile

chemetallprofileChemetall, with headquarters based in New Providence, New Jersey, has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the-art specialty chemical products since 1909. The ISO 9001 company offers a wide spectrum of products and systems to meet the needs of many industries, including aerospace, heavy equipment, appliance, architectural, automotive, coil coating, cold forming, and other surface treatment-related markets. Chemetall’s integrated products, chemical management systems, process equipment, and service programs deliver efficient and cost effective solutions for industrial manufacturing needs.  Application areas include metalworking fluids, process cleaning, rust prevention, surface finishing, paint stripping and water treatment.

Chemetall, a world-class specialty chemical company with subsidiaries throughout the world, is the Americas subsidiary of Chemetall GmbH, a global provider of chemical technologies based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. In addition to headquarters in New Providence, New Jersey, other locations in the Americas include Romulus, Michigan; La Mirada, California; Bramalea, Ontario; and Quéretaro, México. The Chemetall group is a member of the Rockwood Specialties Inc., a renowned international corporation.



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Proven Green Technology

Chemetall Metalworking Group announces that "We Said NO Years Ago!" With the recent National Toxicology Program's ruling on formaldehyde as a known carcinogen, Chemetall is proud have a complete line of semi-synthetic coolants with a proven history of performance. These products: Tech Cool 35052, 35052M, 35048 and 35200, are completely free of formaldehyde-releasing biocides.  Providing exceptional emulsion stability, these products are extremely versatile and effective over a variety of substrates and applications. Superior lubrication, exceptional corrosion resistance, extremely low foam, low odor and low misting are just some of the performance features these product deliver. High detergent components provide cleanliness with these systems, along with dramatically reduced consumption and the formation of drier chips. Aerospace level performance assures exceptional value with these coolants.

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Chemetall Introduces Gardocool 1000AF

Gardocool 1000AF is a completely amine free fully synthetic metalworking fluid. Designed for multi-metal processes, Gardocool 1000AF provides high lubricity along with extremely low levels of foam, making it ideal for high pressure systems. Low residues, high corrosion resistance and superior bioresistancy are just some of the outstanding performance features of this heavy duty coolant. The high detergency components achieve excellent cleanliness in the operation and allows for complete tramp oil rejection. In addition, when tested to EPA Method 24 VOC analysis, Gardocool 1000AF has zero VOCs! Ideal for central systems or stand alone machines, Gardocool 1000AF is a highly versatile environmentally focused solution for today's manufacturing needs.

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