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ATI Stellram releases tools with Safe-Lock

ATI Stellram is releasing solid-carbide endmills with the HAIMER Safe-Lock system. The demand for heavy-duty cutting is standard in the aerospace and energy industries. Tool producers have historically reacted to these requirements with advancements on materials, coatings and geometries. ATI Stellram, a global cutting tool producer, has designed its XE, XER and RSM aerospace end mills specifically for these industries. The new geometry of ATI’s solid carbide tools provides improved stability and vibration dampening with a nanocomposite PVD-coating for high performance machining.

ATI Stellram has added the Haimer-developed and patented Safe-Lock pull-out protection. Through special design features in the tool and the tool holder, both a friction fit and positive lock is achieved. This design helps prevent rotation, or even pull out, of the miller during heavy-duty cutting, according to Haimer. The combination of pull-out protection and high run out accuracy enables reduced vibrations and very efficient machining. Chip removal rate can be increased up to 100 percent through improved cutting depths and feed rates. Cutting tool wear can be reduced in a similar manner, according to Haimer.

“The combination of ATI Stellram aerospace end mills and the Safe-Lock system allows higher RPMs and feed rates even on the most demanding materials,” said David J. Wills, technical director—cutting tools at ATI Stellram. “The new geometry, in combination with our toughest and most wear-resistant submicron substrate coated with a PVD Nano TiAlN, makes this possible.”

ATI Stellram’s Marketing Director - Cutting Tools, Steve Ortiz agreed: “This end mill series has a much larger capacity than typical end mills, being able to slot and profile to higher radial and axial engagements. This feature, combined with the HAIMER Safe-Lock, is going to push the metal removal rates to the next level.”

Haimer ATI Stellram XE, XER, RSM tools
XE, XER and RSM Aerospace solid carbide end mills from ATI Stellram will be available with the new pull out protection Safe-Lock that has been developed from the tool holding specialist Haimer

Haimer ATI Stellram Safe-Lock
The Safe-Lock-System from Haimer is an integrated pull out protection for tool shafts that combines a friction fit and positive lock. It increases process reliability, enables higher chip removal rates and ensures better results than conventional tool holding methods, according to Haimer.

Posted Feb. 4, 2013 

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