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December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

EMAG promotes reduced downtime
Cutting Tool Engineering
A compact machining area and short travels are optimal preconditions for short chip-to-chip times on EMAG’s VL 2 P vertical pickup turning machine.

EMAG LLC USA, Farmington Hills, Mich., emphasized the VL 2 P’s ability to reduce idle time at the company’s IMTS media event. CEO Peter Loetzner pointed out that the vertical pickup turning machine has two spindles, so while a workpiece is being machine, the other spindle automatically loads itself using the pickup method.

This means the next part is immediately ready for machining, resulting in chip-to-chip times of 1 second or less, according to Loetzner. He noted, for example, that the machine is ideal for producing transmission shafts, as well as other workpieces with short machining times because the ratio of machining idle time is vital for the economy of the process. The machine produces parts with diameters up to 4" and up to 8" long.

The spindles are mounted on the left and right of the machine body and complete the Z-axis movement. The tool turret is located at the front and moves in the X-axis. According to the company, nonproductive time when loading and unloading parts has been virtually eliminated. The machining times of the two spindles can be different.

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