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December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

Eriez Hydroflow machine offers ‘dialysis’ for a coolant sump
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The SumpDoc from Eriez is a portable inline fluid reclamation machine.

Eriez Hydroflow introduced the SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine during a press conference at IMTS. The machine provides coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of the metalworking fluids in a machine tool sump with minimal operator interface, according to the Erie, Pa.-based company. There is no interruption in the production cycle or need to transport fluids. The portable SumpDoc can be wheeled next to a machine tool, parts washer or rinse tank to provide fluid reclamation.

“In this, our 70th anniversary year, we are pleased to report that Eriez is continuing to set records for sales and shipments,” said Dan Zimmerman, director of business development and market manager—metalworking. “The introduction of SumpDoc at IMTS 2012 is just one more example of how Eriez is staying on the leading edge in the industries we serve. Innovations such as SumpDoc have been the key to our continued growth.”

The machine operates in three steps. In step one, the operator selects sump vacuum mode from the dashboard controls. The sump vacuum portion of the unit is equipped with a long 2"-dia. hose and angled crevice tool for sucking up the bulk of the chips in the sump. Solids are trapped in a 50µm polyester bag, and the coolant returns to the sump while the machine tool continuously operates.

In step two, the operator selects filtration mode from the dashboard controls. The suction hose of the air-operated diaphragm pump is positioned in the machine sump while the discharge hose from the high-speed centrifuge and/or tramp oil coalesce is directed back to the sump. The recommended positioning of the hoses maximizes the turbulence and sump “scrubbing” action to resuspend settled solids for suction collection.

Step three is the coolant makeup mode. After filtering for a predetermined amount of time, the operator will check the coolant concentration level with the onboard digital refractometer. The operator then selects coolant makeup mode from the dashboard controls and choices lean, standard or rich for topping the sump with the proper coolant concentration mix.

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