Cutting Tool Engineering

December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

GMTA presents Wera Profilator machines

German Machine Tools of America, distributor of Wera Profilator machines, displayed its latest products. Its Profilator machines are for gear tooth pointing, polygon milling, gear cutting and shifter sleeve milling.

The Profilator 320 features a pick-up swing loader and transport conveyor. The polygon turning unit is for castle teeth machining on automotive gearbox parts. The rotating cutter head is synchronized with the workpiece spindle and a front face coupling is produced in accordance with the carbide insert arrangement and the transmission ratio. Then, with additional inserts on the same cutter head, the part can be deburred.

The pointing tower can be used in both rotating and indexing modes. All angle settings are digitally displayed. The axis positions are determined following a CAD simulation using the data from the workpiece drawings. The CNC pointing tower is driven to the exact position by the data in the ergonomic control.

American WERA Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich., has installed about 300 machines in the North American market. They are used in the automotive, hand tool, marine and motorcycle industries.

In addition to the WERA product line, American WERA is also the North American distributor for the Prawema high-performance, hard gear finishing machines, such as ones for honing and grinding gears.

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