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December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

Heimatec unveils tool adapter systems
Cutting Tool Engineering
The Heimatec axial tool with built-in U-tec system. The adapter system allows various tools to be fixtured in a single base, using adapters and a collet nut.

Heimatec unveiled the U-tec flexible tool adapter system that allows a standard ER-output live tool to accept various adapters for different applications. This allows users to have quick changeover of tools on almost any lathe, using a single live tool, without having to commit to a quick-change system on the initial purchase. A facemill adapter, for example, can be quickly positioned into the standard holder, without the need to install a completely new base. This significantly reduces inventory costs and changeover time, according to the company. The U-tec system has a polygonal drive system for high power transmission stability and faster setup because the live tool base remains in position and only the adapter and collet get swapped. The collet nuts on the U-tec system have internal threading for rigid mounting.

Heimatec also announced the availability of the HT series quick-change tool adapter. With the HT series, users do not need to change tooling, only the adapter, and that action is accomplished with a single clamping bolt. In this way, collet assemblies can be preset outside the machine tool, then simply swapped out as needed. The tool head stays in the machine, so less probing is needed after the changeover. This new quick-change system is available with all common outputs, including collet, extended collet, collet with tension and expansion for tapping, weld-on, weld-on extended, arbor, hydro-chuck, indexable insert holder, shrink-fit and blank/plug design.

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