Cutting Tool Engineering

December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

Hexagon Metrology focuses on ‘five Ss’

As part of its rebranding effort, Hexagon Metrology Inc.’s IMTS press conference covered what the company refers to as the five Ss: services, sensors, software, solutions and sectors. The maker of metrology products emphasized leveraging its global service network to the customer’s advantage, trusting it selecting of precision sensors to meet application requirements, using its wide selection of software to solve tomorrow’s problems today, customizing a solution based on the application instead of using a standard product and working collaboratively in multiple industry sectors to create synergies that empower end users to shape change.

Angus Taylor, president and CEO of Hexagon Metrology, North Kingstown, R.I., noted the company serves more than 100 industries, has 20 production facilities and commits 6 percent of net sales and 12 percent of its employees to R&D.

“We provide tools to take actionable information and intelligence to improve operations,” he said.

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