Cutting Tool Engineering

December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

Seco targets innovation and collaboration

At Seco Tool’s IMTS press conference, Hans Hellgren, global vice president of sales and marketing for Seco Sweden, noted some of the significant changes in the global economy he’s seen since entering the industry in the mid-’90s, such as the rise of China as a manufacturing powerhouse and the European market becoming flat or declining. He added that Seco is experiencing growth and expects the toolmaker to continue its success, predicting 6 to 10 percent growth in 2013 while contributing about 4 percent of revenue to R&D.

Kurt Nordlund, president of Seco Tools Inc., Troy, Mich., pointed out that the Seco Productivity and Cost Analysis is benefiting customers. Typical results include a 30 percent cost reduction and a productivity increase of up to 40 percent.

Nordlund stated: “The 21st century brought with it a fundamental shift in how our industry thrives. Innovation has accelerated to the point where manufacturing companies can no longer reach their full potential by acting alone. True success in today’s world requires unprecedented levels of partnership and collaboration.”

The toolmaker offers a range of tools enhancing efficiency when cutting difficult-to-machine materials. Those tools include the Secomax PCBN inserts for machining hardened steels, pearlitic cast iron, hard iron and superalloys. Compared to grinding, Secomax PCBN inserts can reduce machining times up to 90 percent and outperform ceramics by more than 30 times when machining pearlitic cast iron, according to the company.

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