Cutting Tool Engineering

December 2012 / IMTS 2012 Roundup

Sumitomo offers machining “passports”

Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Mount Prospect, Ill., displayed its products in different “Passports.” For example, the Passport to Turning included:

  • ESE breaker, finishing breaker for steels and stainless steels;
  • EGE breaker, general-purpose breaker for steels and stainless;
  • EME breaker, semirough to rough turning at high feeds of steels and stainless steels;
  • AC810P, high-speed turning of steels and stainless steels;
  • AC820P, general-purpose machining to roughing of steels and stainless steels;
  • AC830P, interrupted roughing of steels and stainless;
  • AC510U, finishing of exotic materials;
  • AC520U, general-purpose turning of exotic materials;
  • AC 530U, interrupted, general cutting of steel and interrupted turning of stainless steel;
  • AC405K, high-speed, continuous turning of gray and ductile cast iron; and
  • AC415K, semifinishing to mild interrupted turning of gray and ductile cast iron.

The displays also included Passports to drilling, milling and PCBN and PCD tools.

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