Cutting Tool Engineering
September 2012 / Volume 64 / Issue 9

Cutting tool product review

By CTE Staff

Solid-carbide drills target stainless steel

Walter USA LLC, Waukesha, Wis., has introduced the high-performance, solid-carbide Walter Titex X•treme Inox for drilling stainless steel and other high-alloy ISO M materials. The drill’s tip geometry reduces cutting forces and minimizes burr formation, according to the company. A multilayer TiAlN tip coating maximizes tool life while minimizing adhesion. The tool’s main cutting edges enhance process stability. The tool’s coordinated margins minimize friction against the hole wall, while operating temperature is controlled through application of internal coolant.

“These properties and features work together to produce excellent hole quality when drilling stainless steel, along with a high degree of process reliability and feed rates up to 50 percent higher than those obtained with other universal solid-carbide drills,” said Mark Hemmerling, director of marketing for Walter USA.

The Walter Titex X•treme Inox drill is available in diameters from 1/8 " to ¾ " and 3mm to 20mm, and in standard lengths up to 5 diameters deep. Additional lengths up to 12 diameters deep, as well as stepped tools, can be ordered. Typical applications are in the aerospace, chemical and medical device industries, as well as in food processing equipment and general metalworking.; (800) 945-5554


Solid-carbide thread mills reduce operating costs

Ultrafine-grain, solid-carbide thread mills are a time- and cost-saving alternative to taps, especially for large-diameter threadmaking. According to Guhring Inc., Brookfield, Wis., its thread mills produce full threads to within one pitch of the bottom of drilled holes. Available options allow shops to drill and chamfer a hole in one pass. Guhring offers 450 standard thread mill sizes, with and without through-coolant capability. Many thread mills have a PVD TiCN coating. A helical flute reduces chatter, and the same mill can produce right- or left-hand threads and single- or multiple-thread leads. Countersink-style thread mills eliminate secondary operations, according to Guhring. The tools are appropriate for threading steel, stainless steel, titanium, high-temperature alloys and nonferrous materials. Guhring’s thread mills include TM SP (without countersinking step); TMU SP (universal cutter); TMC SP (with countersinking step); DTMC SP (drill/thread mill); and specials.

A free “Thread Milling Program Generator,” available at the company’s Web site, can be used to program CNC machines.; (800) 776-6170


Precision Dormer expands Hydra drill range

Precision Dormer, Crystal Lake, Ill., has expanded its Hydra line of replaceable-head drills, an alternative to solid-carbide drills. Two head types are available: the R960 for drilling stainless steel, cast iron, titanium and nickel, and the R950—now available in diameters up to 42mm—for carbon and alloy steels. Both head types use a self-centering, 140°, four-facet split point. This ensures low thrust forces throughout the drilling cycle, according to the company. Each head is available with a range of drill bodies to support drilling 3 diameters deep (H853), 5 diameters deep (H855) and 8 diameters deep (H858). One body can accommodate multiple head sizes.; (800) 877-3745

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