Cutting Tool Engineering
August 2012 / Volume 64 / Issue 8

Tooling and workholding

By CTE Staff


R&J Tool offers a patented process for resharpening carbide and ceramic indexable inserts for milling and turning. The company sharpens the tools by selectively grinding material to produce a new cutting edge. The process does not reduce an insert’s IC or locating surfaces. According to the company, the process takes into account unique geometries, edge preps and coating combinations for specific applications.

R&J Tool
Booth: W-1846.


The Smart Damper from BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. is a through-coolant, dynamic damping system that reportedly eliminates vibration and reduces chatter when deep-hole finish boring and extended-reach facemilling. This translates to finer surface finishes and higher metal-removal rates. Models are available for the company’s boring tools with KAB4 to KAB6 connectors and shell mills with a 1 "-dia. pilot.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.
Booth: W-1600.


Schunk Inc.’s Tendo E compact hydraulic toolholder is suitable for milling, drilling and reaming. The toolholder can safely transfer torque up to 384 ft.-lbs. at a 20mm clamping diameter, the company reports. Runout is less than 0.0001 " at 2.5 diameters. Common spindle connections are available, including HSK A63, SK 40, BT 40, CAT 40 and CAT 50.

Schunk Inc.
Booth: W-2000.


Seco Tools TK1001 and TK2001 insert grades reduce the number of grades needed when turning cast iron. TK1001 is for finishing gray cast iron up to semistable conditions, nodular cast iron under stable conditions and steels hardened to 40 to 45 HRC. TK2001 is for turning nodular and gray cast iron in difficult applications, including heavy interrupted cutting. TK-grade inserts are available in 211 new geometries.

Seco Tools
Booth: W-1564.


LMC Workholding offers Chandox SE Series Super Thin chucks. The steel chucks are suitable for holding parts for gaging and metrology applications. A user directly rotates the chuck knob for gripping and loosening a part without the need for a handle. Jaws are reversible to grip various sizes more conveniently, the company reports.

LMC Workholding
Booth: W-1314.


Star SU LLC offers custom carbide drills and reamers, including single-pass port cavity tools, which allow complete cavity machining, reduce cycle times and hold industry tolerances for size and finish. Its Super Round tool produces extremely round holes within microns, reams holes with interrupted cuts and imparts fine finishes for spool-bore applications, according to the company.

Booths: N-6924, W-1385.


Allen Benjamin Inc.’s high-performance, color-coded taps made of HSSE premium steel are engineered for specific applications. Each of the six color rings—black, white, yellow, green, blue and red—indicate an application-specific tap geometry and design criteria based on the characteristics and hardness range of various workpiece materials. Available tap styles include spiral point, spiral flute, form and straight-flute die cast. Taps for threading cast iron are also available.

Allen Benjamin Inc.
Booth: W-2474.


Kurt Manufacturing Co.’s Model 3400V Versatile Lock vise has a 6 " jaw opening and 0.0005 " clamping repeatability. The vise prevents parts from lifting under heavy clamping loads, and the pull-type jaw clamping design reduces deflection, the company reports. The 3400V has a one-piece vise body and stationary jaw machined from 80,000-psi ductile iron, which enhances strength and reduces vibration. It’s available in standard and reverse manual and hydraulic models.

Kurt Manufacturing Co.
Booth: W-2423.


Simonds International says saws applied with its SineWave technology cut workhardening material, such as tool steel and stainless steel, 30 to 40 percent faster than traditional bandsawing. The technology uses a unique rocking motion that forces each tooth of a bimetal blade to penetrate the workpiece and impart a fine surface finish. The blade grows in width, creating a self-feeding action that improves productivity, the company reports.

Simonds International
Booth: N-6672.


Command Tooling Systems LLC has introduced driven tools for Swiss-style machines. The tools were developed in cooperation with local medical manufacturers and Command’s parent company, EWS Tool Technologies. The tools have a labyrinth seal, which shields internal components from contaminants during machining. The housings are made of high-strength alloy steel and the solid shafts are made of tool steel. Runout is reportedly better than 2.5µm.

Command Tooling Systems LLC
Booth: W-2528.


Standard solid-carbide and carbide-tipped “Thin Saws” from Gaylee Saws are available in diameters from ¾ " to 4 ". The company produces solid-carbide saws with a tolerance of 0.0005 "/-0.0000 " on thickness and 0.005 "/-0.000 " on OD. Saws with tighter tolerances can be ordered as specials. The solid-carbide saws last 100 times longer than HSS ones, according to the company.

Gaylee Saws
Booth: W-2474.


Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. designs and builds Amrok dedicated manual fixtures for horizontal and vertical machining centers, as well as other CNC machines. According to the company, the fixtures reduce machine setup and cycle times, improve operator safety, reduce workpiece handling and improve tolerances because a single fixture is used instead of multiple ones.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.
Booth: W-2405.


North American Tool Corp. produces special taps in inch and metric sizes. The taps vary from standard designs based on their shank and drive dimensions, thread form and geometry, number of pitches (threads per inch) and other variables. The taps are available in HSS, HSSE premium steel, carbide and other materials. Coated taps are available.

North American Tool Corp.
Booth: W-2474.


BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.’s 310 EWD digital boring head shows absolute setting accuracy on a built-in digital display. The measurement system displays linear movement of the tool carrier in both directions during diameter adjustment of 0.00005 ". The boring heads use existing 310 EWN insert holders to allow the maximum boring range per head and are compatible with special insert holders, the company reports.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.
Booth: W-1600.


Hardinge Inc. has made more than 200,000 custom workholding designs for turning, milling, grinding, welding, assembling and positioning. A custom product can increase part accuracy, eliminate secondary operations, add flexibility to a machine, enable automation integration and minimize bulky fixturing, according to the company. It can also reduce job setup, changeover time and operator handling. Users often select specials for gripping odd shapes and delicate materials and to avoid part scratching and slippage.

Hardinge Inc.
Booth: S-8148.


Walter USA LLC offers an array of cutting tools, including Tiger-tec Silver inserts for turning, Titex X-treme Inox solid-carbide drills and Valenite indexable milling cutters. The inserts resist plastic deformation and crater and flank wear, and reduce machining times, according to the company. In addition to three insert grades, four geometries are available: ones for facing and light cutting, medium machining, general machining and roughing.

Walter USA LLC
Booth: W-1700.



Abtex Corp.’s ceramic filament brushes are mounted in the company’s proprietary, molded, composite material. Ceramic fiber has a hard, durable grain that exposes sharp cutting edges as it wears. The application-specific brushes cut fast to reduce cycle times and provide long tool life, the company reports. Abtex also tests parts in its lab to determine the appropriate abrasive filament product.

Abtex Corp.
Booth: N-7138.


The Lightnin Rod from R&R Tool Inc. helps inexperienced machine operators correctly load parts. Through internal test situation analysis, operators using the device are trained quicker and are able to produce a more reliable product than those not using it, the company reports. Placing the material in the machine and watching for the Lightnin Rod’s blue light to remain lit during tightening ensures accuracy within 0.0002 ".

R&R Tool Inc.
Booth: W-1497.


Rego-Fix Tool Corp.’s dual-contact Rego Plus toolholders are compatible with all BIG Plus spindles and include a line of ER and powRgrip toolholders. According to the company, these toolholders reduce TIR, improve tool rigidity, increase surface finish quality and improve part accuracy. The holders are licensed by BIG Daishowa.

Rego-Fix Tool Corp.
Booth: W-2364.


Heimatec Inc. has introduced complete lines of tooling, each designed for specific brands of turning machines. Those include ones from Haas, Okuma, Mazak, Spinner, Miyano and Nakamura. Full-specification literature by machine brand is available.

Heimatec Inc.
Booth: W-1986.


Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc.’s Norton Paradigm diamond and CBN grinding wheels are for grinding the flutes of carbide and HSS tools. The wheels have a bond that provides exceptionally fast cycle times and a low cost per part, the company reports. The wheels’ high grain retention and uniform structure provide a high G ratio, up to 2.5 times longer wheel life and a 30 percent higher material-removal rate, according to Saint-Gobain.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc.
Booth: N-7051.


The Rekord DZBF series taps from Emuge Corp. provide chip-breaking capabilities to eliminate the formation of long, continuous chips common when threading carbon steels, alloy steels and austenitic stainless steels. In combination, the cutting face geometry and spiral flute form affect chip flow, chip curl and chip length. This results in short, controllable chips, which eliminate flute clogging, according to the company.

Emuge Corp.
Booth: W-1536.


Jergens Inc. has added ER collets to its Fixture Pro 5-axis, quick-change workholding system for holding rods and other round workpieces. The base of the ER collet mounts to the system’s risers and pallets. The system offers quick-change capabilities for complete part-to-part changeover in less than 60 seconds, the company reports. Collets are available for ER 11, ER 16, ER 20, ER 25 and ER 32.

Jergens Inc.
Booth: W-2312.


The ROTA NCR 6-jaw chuck from Schunk Inc. features a a central chuck piston, which supports three inner pendulums evenly arranged at a 120° angle. Each pendulum works in conjunction with three pairs of base jaws, resulting in six-point contact. The chuck clamps deformable rings, housings and thin-walled workpieces while providing maximum clamping force, according to the company. Diameters up to 1,200mm are available.

Schunk Inc.
Booth: W-2000.


DocMagnet’s new permanent-electromagnetic chuck is for hard milling applications. The magnetic material, which does not contain rare-earth magnets, reportedly facilitates demagnetization, making it easier to remove hardened steel workpieces from the chuck’s steel surface. Each pole delivers more than 1,500 lbs. of clamping force. Workholders are available in any size in 4 " width or length increments.

Booth: W-1092.


Lovejoy Tool Co. Inc. makes milling specials from less than 1 " to more than 55 " in diameter. The company can make custom tools for machining cast iron, heat-resistant superalloys, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and composites. The latest CAD/CAM and manufacturing technologies are used in the toolmaking process, according to the company.

Lovejoy Tool Co. Inc.
Booth: W-2214.


Walter USA LLC’s Prototyp Protodyn HSC solid-carbide thread former is suitable for use in all formable materials, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum with less than 12 percent silicon. The micrograin carbide substrate, which has a multilayer TiCN coating, enhances toughness and wear resistance, the company reports. The tool’s h6 shank tolerance enables use in shrink-fit toolholders.

Walter USA LLC
Booth: W-1700.


The Turbo 10 from Seco Tools is for square-shoulder milling from roughing to finishing. The cutter is also suitable for slotting, contouring, helical interpolation and ramping. Diameter range is from 0.625 " to 4 ", and the maximum cutting depth is 0.354 ". The cutter has a coated, prehardened body with two different pitch configurations for meeting tight tolerances and providing high reliability, the company reports. Mounting types include cylindrical, Weldon, arbor and Combimaster.

Seco Tools
Booth: W-1564.


The Preci-Flex from Exsys Tool Inc. is a modular toolholder system for lathe tooling changeovers. It has a single base holder and multiple tooling adapters that utilize the ER collet pocket. It allows interchanging of tooling adapters between fixed and rotary base holders. Repeatability is within 5µm.

Exsys Tool Inc.
Booth: W-1664.


Lexair Inc. says its Production Dynamic Full Bore collet chuck increases the through-hole capacity of lathe spindles 25 to 30 percent by using a self-contained mechanical-grip/air-release actuation system. This allows use of a lathe’s full spindle-bore capacity. The chuck’s design eliminates the drawtube needed in hydraulic chucks, creating the additional capacity. It’s available in eight sizes for stock diameters from 0.25 " to 5.5 ".

Lexair Inc.
Booth: W-1322.


The Safe-Lock from Haimer USA LLC is a tool clamping system that provides integrated pullout protection for round tools. In combination with corresponding carbide drive pins in the toolholder (shrink fit, collet or hydraulic chuck), spiral-ground grooves in the tool shank prevent the tool from twisting or being pulled out of the holder during extreme machining. This enables a doubling of metal-removal rates by increasing cutting depths and feed rates, the company reports.

Haimer USA LLC
Booth: W-1464.


Fixtureworks offers manual clamps from Imao, OK-Vise and Mitee-Bite. The clamps provide quick and secure fastening of parts for repetitive machining operations and enable easy loading and unloading of workpieces, according to the company. Clamping forces range from 2 to 2,200 lbs. Configurations include swing, pull, snap, hook, toe and side. The heat-treated alloy steel clamps have a black-oxide finish.

Booth: W-1686.


Techniks’ CoolBLAST toolholders have coolant paths that direct coolant to the tool tip. Benefits include faster feeds and speeds, enhanced chip evacuation and longer tool life, according to the company. Shrink-fit and endmill holders are available. In addition, facemill arbors have a CoolBLAST arbor screw that provides a coolant path when used with through-coolant facemills.

Booth: W-1732.


Mitee-Bite Products’ manual actuators can be used in various workholding applications, including gripping the ID of blind-holes. The actuators can generate a pull down force of more than 4,000 lbs. and grip on bores from 0.16” to 1.39” using standard ID clamps. Mill and lathe versions are available. The mill versions can be mounted to hold a workpiece in the vertical and horizontal plane.

Mitee-Bite Products
Booth: W-1246.


TMX power chucks are available from Toolmex Industrial Solutions. One suitable application is holding aluminum automotive wheels, where face clamping—an alternative to traditional axial clamping—improves concentricity and minimizes deformation of thin-wall parts during machining, according to the company. The chucks reportedly combine high clamping forces, maximum precision and minimal effort.

Toolmex Industrial Solutions
Booth: W-2275.


Nampower abrasive nylon disc brushes from Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc. contain ceramic and silicon-carbide filament to deburr parts while imparting fine surface finishes. The discs are made with a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic base that results in less vibration, according to the company. The brushes come in two styles: dot for general-purpose deburring and surface finishing, and turbine for medium and heavy deburring.

Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Booth: N-7263.


The CoroMill 176 from Sandvik Coromant Co. is an indexable-insert, full-profile hob for roughing, semifinishing and finishing gears. It can more than double tool life and reduce cutting time by 50 percent compared to conventional HSS hobs, according to the company. The milling tool covers gear profile sizes from module 4 to 6 and is custom made for profiles with, for example, addendum modification and protuberance.

Sandvik Coromant Co.
Booth: W-1500.


Ingersoll Cutting Tools says its Pro-Trio ballnose contour roughing endmills have three effective flutes and accept double-sided inserts. The tools are suitable for copy, channel and deep-pocket milling. Side-cutting insert stations enhance flexibility when side milling, according to the company. The dovetail clamping system ensures insert stability.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools
Booth: W-1822.


Hyper-Accurate microdrill holders from Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc. are for Swiss-style machines and precision lathes. The holders have a prehardened shank and precision nut for enhanced concentricity. Collet sizes are from 0.5mm to 5.8mm.

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.
Booth: W-1592.


Kennametal Inc. says its KM4X spindle connection provides three times the bending moment-resistant capacity compared to other systems. The spindle connection’s high clamping force and controlled-interference levels result in a robust connection, high stiffness and restrained bending moment for improved performance when machining titanium, according to the company. This enables higher cutting speeds and feeds.

Kennametal Inc.
Booth: W-1522.


Iscar Tool Advisor software from Iscar Metals Inc. is for selecting cutting tools based on cutting conditions, machine power, metal-removal rate and cutting time. Users can enter two to six mandatory fields for quick results or complete more detailed fields, including ones specifying machine parameters, tool diameters and tool grades. The software provides the three best tool options but can display up to 25 tool recommendations per application search.

Iscar Metals Inc.
Booth: W-1800.


Microscope microtools from Vargus USA are for high-performance threading, boring and grooving bores as small as 1.0mm. The line includes a range of single-ended inserts and toolholders with an easy-to-use clamping system, according to the company.

Vargus USA
Booth: W-2245.


Tools coated with Zenith coatings from Tool-Flo Manufacturing Inc. are effective for dry machining stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, titanium and high-temperature alloys hardened up to 68 HRC. The coatings have an optimal thickness and offer high adhesion and enhanced wear resistance, according to the company.

Tool-Flo Manufacturing Inc.
Booth: W-2346.


Nexus Tool’s ShrinkMILL system uses shrink-fit technology to maximize the connection between a facemill arbor and the tool. The shrink-fit connection reduces runout and vibration, permits high feed rates, extends insert life and enables fine surface finishes, according to the company. The shrink-fit process heats the facemill, which expands the bore to receive the arbor, and the bore shrinks around the arbor as the tool cools.

Nexus Tool
Booth: W-1732.


Norton Quantum X creep-feed grinding wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc. feature the company’s pore-induced construction, Quantum ceramic abrasive and latest bond technology. The wheels reduce grinding cycle times up to 50 percent while using at least 20 percent less power, according to the company. They are available in blank stock in type-01 straight wheel in six sizes from 16 "×1 "×5 " to 20 "×5 "×8 ".

Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc.
Booth: N-7051.


Royal Products says its “standard special” live centers are standard products that accommodate about 90 percent of what were previously considered application-specific requirements. Each center incorporates the company’s Roto-Shield technology to deflect coolant, protect bearings and extend operating life up to 300 percent.

Royal Products
Booth: W-1622.


Paltech PH 5000-grade turning inserts from Palbit by Toolmex Industrial Solutions incorporate a new medium-temperature CVD coating process that combines Ti(C,N) and aluminum oxide. The coating provides enhanced adhesion, toughness and wear properties through microstructural optimizations and post-coating treatments, the company reports. Five new inserts are available, which are for turning steel and cast iron.

Toolmex Industrial Solutions
Booth: W-2275.


Iljin USA Inc. says its PCD provides long tool life, enhanced thermal and chemical stability, and extreme wear and abrasion resistance. Grades are available with grain sizes from less than 1µm to 40µm with diamond volumes from 40 to 95 percent. PCD tools are suitable for cutting tungsten carbide, ceramics, aluminum silicon, copper alloys and advanced composites.

Iljin USA Inc.
Booth: W-1868.


Darex LLC says its improved XPS-16 CNC drill bit sharpener sharpens any 2-flute HSS, cobalt or carbide SAE bit, and metric twist bits from 3mm to 16mm in diameter. It sharpens any angle from 118° to 150°. It stores up to 50 drill files and allows users to choose no-split, X-split, R-split and split-only operations. The new model is 20 percent faster than the previous version, according to the company.

Darex LLC
Booth: W-2180.


WIDIA’s M270 and M370 series of inserts are for high-feed milling. Three M270 grades are available: TN2505 for good wear resistance when cutting materials as hard as 60 HRC, TN6540 for enhanced toughness and TN6525 for toughness and wear resistance when dry machining steel. The M370 inserts are double-sided, have six cutting edges and enhance performance and reliability when milling steel and cast iron, according to the company.

Booth: W-1452.


UDCB diamond-coated endmills from U.S. Union Tool Inc. are for milling solid-carbide molds and parts. The tools can cut features and shapes that previously had to be ground or EDMed, according to the company. The ballnose endmills are available from 0.20mm to 6.0mm in diameter and are suitable for operations from roughing through finishing.

U.S. Union Tool Inc.
Booth: W-2108.


M.A. Ford Manufacturing Co. Inc.’s TuffCut XT series 278 endmill is a new 5-flute version of its XR high-performance endmill. The tool has enhanced corner protection, a whisper blend between the OD and neck, and a proprietary carbide substrate coated with ALtima Blaze. The endmill provides 20 percent higher feed rates compared to competing tools and reduces harmonic vibration and imparts finer finishes, according to the company.

M.A. Ford Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Booth: W-2457.


Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc.’s Flex-Hone diamond tools are for deburring, edge blending and surface finishing hard materials, such as carbide, ceramic and aerospace-grade alloy steels. The tools’ resin-bond diamond crystals have high friability, creating self-sharpening edges. Standard sizes are from 4mm to 20mm in three different mesh sizes. Specials can be ordered.

Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Booth: N-7263.


The SmartBore system from Rigibore Inc. is a cutting-edge adjuster with DRO for boring tools or cartridges. It enables an operator to manually make micron-level accuracy adjustments while a tool is in the machine spindle. Adjustment data is wirelessly transmitted for remote display. The minimum bore diameter is 16mm.

Rigibore Inc.
Booth: W-1280.


The CoroDrill 870 from Sandvik Coromant Co. is an exchangeable-tip drill for the intermediate hole-tolerance area of IT9 to IT10. A secure interface between the drill body and tip ensures reliability and precision, while the quick tip-change procedure helps to maximize active machining time, according to the company. Standard lengths are from 3 to 5 diameters deep. Diameter range is from 12mm to 20.99mm.

Sandvik Coromant Co.
Booth: W-1500.


Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.’s SN2000K- and SN2100K-grade ceramic inserts are for rough milling and turning cast iron. SN2000K is for high-speed turning and finishing and promotes long tool life and wear resistance through its hardness and toughness. SN2100K provides high shock and impact resistance and is suitable for roughing gray cast iron, according to the company.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.
Booth: W-2422.


The RT100 HF drill from Guhring Inc. provides a high penetration rate when drilling nickel-base alloys. The point geometry helps dissipate heat, and the tool has a double-margin flute for enhanced stability in the cut, according to the company. It is coated with nano-Si, a silicon-based PVD coating that is 57 percent harder than TiAlN-based coatings, the company reports.

Guhring Inc.
Booth: W-2322.


TT7005- and TT7015-grade Black-Rush inserts from Ingersoll Cutting Tools are for turning cast iron. The bond between the coating and substrate enhances chip resistance, the company reports. After the inserts are coated, a surface treatment is applied that reduces friction, cutting force and built-up edge. This enables stable and consistent tool life and the ability to impart fine finishes.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools
Booth: W-1822.


Precision Cutting Tools Inc. says its AXC series drills have a triple-margin design for high-penetration capability and accuracy. Designed for cutting aluminum, the tool’s 15° internal coolant design enhances chip evacuation and controls the temperature at the tool/workpiece interface, the company reports. The spiral-fluted, right-hand cutting drills are from 3.0mm to 20mm in diameter, with models for producing holes 3 to 30 diameters deep.

Precision Cutting Tools Inc.
Booth: W-2164.


Tiny Vise edge clamps from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. grip the sides of a workpiece so the top is accessible for machining. The clamps are suitable for fixturing small parts and available from a miniature #8-32 thread to a 1 "-8 thread with 2,500 lbs. of clamping force. Force is applied by positive screw action when turning a hex wrench.

Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.
Booth: W-1663.


Rigibore Inc.’s Active Edge boring tools wirelessly and automatically adjust the cutting edge with micron-level accuracy. Adjustment can be performed remotely while a tool is in the machine’s spindle or carousel, eliminating operator intervention. No spindle modification is required. Up to eight cutting edges can be precisely compensated without touching the boring tool, according to the company.

Rigibore Inc.
Booth: W-1280.


LMT Fette’s Xchange modular tap combines a solid-carbide cutting head and steel shank. The head is screwed onto the shank and replaced when worn. The tap is for threading cast materials, such as iron, brass and high-silicon aluminum. The through-coolant taps are available in M8 to M18 sizes.

LMT Fette
Booth: W-2464.


J&M Machine Inc.’s “Four Steps to Improved Tooling Performance” technology includes the use of high-torque retention knobs and machining practices that can extend tool life 30 percent. According to the company, the retention knobs prevent premature failure and decreased tool life when properly installed. The company provides installation instructions.

J&M Machine Inc.
Booth: W-2179.


Lenzkes Clamping offers Multi-Quick 60 and 106 clamps. Both have a double-stepless adjustable range and high clamping pressure via low torque. The MQ 60 clamps are for smaller machines, and the MQ 106 clamps provide extra reach and enhanced adjustability through an integrated sliding plate with a stepless, horizontally adjustable fixing set.

Lenzkes Clamping
Booth: W-1880.


Vargus USA offers 14D carbide inserts for producing API round buttress threads. The line for the oil and gas industry includes a comprehensive variety of standard tools, the company reports. Specials can be ordered based on customer specifications for distinct applications.

Vargus USA
Booth: W-2246.


Velocity Products offers a new line of tooling specifically for Okuma lathes. Also available is a patent-pending K column modular clamping and machining system for difficult-to-machine workpieces on horizontal machining centers. This through-feed, tombstone-style workholder brings bar-feed technology to all brands and sizes of HMCs, according to the company.

Velocity Products
Booth: S-9410.


Elliott carbide roll burnishing tools from Monaghan Tooling Group can impart mirror-like finishes on ODs, IDs, faces, tapers and spherical surfaces, according to the company. The square- or cylindrical-shank tools are for use on all turning centers. They are available with four standard roll radii: 0.032 ", 0.062 ", 0.093 " and 0.125 ".

Monaghan Tooling Group
Booth: W-1286.


NTK Cutting Tools’ SX7-grade SiAlON ceramic inserts are for machining nickel-base alloys used in the aerospace industry. The inserts provide enhanced flank- and notch-wear resistance, according to the company. The inserts can turn at speeds from 600 to 1,500 sfm and feeds from 0.008 to 0.014 ipr.

NTK Cutting Tools
Booth: W-1163.


Carmex Precision Tools LLC’s DMT 3-in-1 multipurpose tool drills, threads and chamfers in a single operation. The company also offers a variety of thread mills, ranging from “tiny tools” to large ID and OD thread mills, and recently introduced a series for Swiss-style machines. According to Carmex, its Helical Advantage design boosts productivity, imparts finer finishes and extends tool life.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC
Booth: W-1180.

WORKHOLDERS, TOOLS. Pioneer N.A. offers lines of chucks, collets, indexers and rotary tables, drills, reamers, tap drivers and related attachments, and tool-presetting equipment. The company, which reports it has sold more than 30,000 chucks since 1985, offers air chucks 2.5 " to 10 " in diameter that can be run at 6,000 rpm and have 0.00006 " repeatability. Its diaphragm chucks have diameters from 3 " to 6 " and a maximum operating speed of 12,000 rpm.

Pioneer N.A.
Booth: W-1192.


The SJL chucks from SMW Autoblok Corp. can be switched from a 2+2+2 equalizing chuck for clamping raw materials to a 6-jaw, self-centering chuck for clamping machined diameters. In equalizing mode, the chuck clamps parts with sets of two jaws equalizing as pairs. In 6-jaw mode, the chuck is suitable for boring top jaws and clamping thin-wall workpieces that require equal wall thickness. Diameters from 220mm to 1,250mm are available.

SMW Autoblok Corp.
Booth: W-1400.

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