Cutting Tool Engineering
August 2012 / Volume 64 / Issue 8

A site for more eyes

By Dennis Spaeth, Electronic Media Editor

CTE Web site grows traffic and expands video, product and machine shop content.

More people are getting more information via the Internet, and Cutting Tool Engineering is clearly a part of that trend.

Sustaining double-digit growth over the past 5 years, CTE’s Web site—CTE- plus at—now attracts about 21,000 unique visitors and about 48,000 total visitors each month, according to AWStats, a Web site analysis tool. (The AWStats “unique visitor” count resets each month, so a unique visitor who visits in January, for example, would also be a unique visitor in February.)


The CTEplus home page, which features a new video player at the top of the page under Video Reports, offers access to almost every part of the site, including Industry Reports, Daily Industry News and Product News.

Another measurement tool shows traffic growing from year to year. Google Analytics uses a different methodology than AWStats, measuring the total number of unique visitors across an entire year. That means, for example, a user visiting in January would not be counted again in February. Google Analytics showed that CTE’s Web site reached a total of more than 106,000 unique visitors during 2011, 36 percent more than in 2010. Through May, reached nearly 55,000 unique visitors, outpacing 2011 by about 21 percent compared to the same period a year earlier, according to Google Analytics.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s probably safe to assume that nearly everyone reading this has been to the CTE Web site within the past year. But just in case you haven’t, or you’re not aware of some of the recent changes, here’s a quick, user-friendly guide to what’s new and different at

Video Reports

Featured at the top of the home page is a YouTube player set to stream industry-related video reports through a playlist set up on our YouTube channel, CTEplus. While our Video Reports have been featured on the home page for some time now—via a slideshow linked to a player on another page of our site—the new video player, which made its debut in June, plays video reports on the home page.

To begin watching videos, simply click the play button. If you prefer watching larger videos, hover over the full-screen option in the lower right-hand corner of the player, then click and watch a full-screen version. Hit the escape button on your keyboard at any time to reduce the video player and return to the home page. You can pause or stop the player whenever you’re done viewing.


The new video player on CTEplus enables visitors to watch video without leaving the home page. If you want a closer look, just hover over the lower, right-hand corner of the video player until you see “full screen” pop up, then click. The video will fill your screen.

Among the more than 160 videos available on the site is a series of reports produced in conjunction with Dr. Jeffrey Badger, a grinding consultant who authors CTE’s “Ask the Grinding Doc” column. There are 31 episodes available on CTEplus, with more to come.

The Grinding Doc video series tackles questions Badger has received from shops throughout the world. Each episode runs 3 to 5 minutes and covers one question, to which Badger generally recommends a solution.

Other video reports produced by CTEplus focus on new products and technologies, such as the 3- to 5-minute video vignettes filmed at trade shows. These reports focus on a new machine or process being demonstrated on the exhibit floor.

CTEplus interviews a company representative, who takes the audience through a product demonstration. The idea behind these reports is simple: To ask the questions you would ask if you were at the trade show talking to company reps, and to explain how the product or process works.

Look for more such reports to be shot during IMTS 2012. (See sidebar below.)

Also, when CTE editors write about a new process or technique, they often obtain video footage from the companies they interview. CTEplus uses that video footage, which usually demonstrates an aspect of the process at the heart of the story, in much the same way CTE uses photos and charts in the magazine.

Product News

As you might imagine, CTE fields a large number of news releases about new or improved products from companies throughout the industry. While CTE publishes product announcements in each issue of the magazine, there’s simply not room for all of them.

About 4 years ago, CTEplus created an area for all product news briefs that CTE editors deem relevant to the industry.


Product news briefs, such as this one from Carmex Precision Tools, include a brief article based on a news release from the company, a product photo and company contact information.

The Product News database now contains more than 1,500 reports that offer information about each product or service, along with a photo and the company’s contact information.

There are several ways to search for product information:

  • Product Search field. Use the keyword search field in the upper left-hand corner of the site (below the CTEplus logo) to conduct a quick product news search from anywhere on the site.
  • Product Search page. Use the Reports menu in the CTEplus navigation bar across the top of the site to visit the Product Search page. There you can search by keyword or product category. Use the drop-down menu to select one of the more than 40 product categories.
  • shortCUTS search. Select from among the 20 or so categories listed in the gold-colored column along the left side of the page. By clicking on a category such as Cutting Tools, for example, the shortCUTS search delivers five product news items and five feature articles associated with that category.

Search results for each of the options are listed in the chronological order they were posted to the site, with the most recent items at the top.


As the column name implies, the shortCUTS found on the left-hand side of CTEplus is a convenient way to browse product and article content on one topic all within one search results page.

Buyers Guide

Last year, CTE added a new section to its annual Buyers Guide: A directory of more than 500 machine shops and the services they provide. As with the manufacturer and distributor information published in the guide each November, CTEplus posted the shop information to the guide’s online counterpart—a database searchable by manufacturer, distributor and, now, machine shop.


The Machine Shop Directory of shops and the services they offer was introduced in 2011. The search page offers a number of criteria to narrow the search from among the more than 500 shops included in the database.

To use the Machine Shop Directory, conduct a search by keyword, service category, territory served, location or a combination of these. If you know a portion of the name of the company you want to contact, type the name into the Company Name field and click the search button. For example, if you’re trying to locate any company that offers cylindrical grinding services and is located in, say, New Jersey, use the Service Category menu to select Grinding, then the subcategory Cylindrical. Next, select the Anywhere button under Territory Served, then choose New Jersey using the state menu under Company Located In. Clicking the search button produces one result: Drew Peterson Inc. in Whippany, N.J.

The search for distributors is nearly identical, offering a search by Company Name, Product Category (rather than Service Category), Territory Served and Company Located In.

The Manufacturers Directory offers a search by Company Name and by a Product Category menu that contains more than 190 main categories and numerous subcategories.

Industry Reports

Whether you’re looking for an article from CTE or simply want to browse through our Daily Industry News headlines, visit the home page at Access to specific articles in the current issue is available at the top of the home page under Industry Reports.


Search the CTEplus article archive by selecting the Articles option under the Reports menu in the main navigation bar at the top of the site. The Article Archives search page offers a number of criteria to narrow your search.

If you’re more interested in locating an article from among the 2,000 or so stored in our Article Archives, use the Reports menu to select Articles. From the Article Archive search page, you can search by keyword, date, topical category, author or a combination of these.

The Daily Industry News section, located a little farther down the home page, offers a convenient listing of daily headlines that link to news items from a wide range of news sites, including information posted on CTEplus.

Subscription Forms

A growing number of CTE magazine readers are subscribing on CTEplus. Site visitors can sign up for a new subscription, renew an existing subscription or submit a change of address. Since adding the option to receive either a digital or print version of the magazine a couple of years ago, more than 6,500 magazine subscribers now receive the digital edition.


To access the online subscription forms for CTE magazine, use the Subscribe menu in the main navigation bar and select the appropriate option (top). Visitors can fill out a new subscription form, complete a renewal form or submit a change of address. You can request the print edition or the digital edition (above).

Other Resources

In addition, the CTEplus navigation bar includes an Events link, which takes you to a listing of industry meetings and trade shows, and a Resources menu that offers a few other tools, including:

  • an Association Directory searchable by name,
  • a searchable Abbreviations section that provides the full term for common abbreviations used throughout the industry, and
  • a glossary of terms that provides definitions for industry jargon you may want to look up.

Finally, if you have any questions about CTEplus or the magazine, click on the Contacts tab on the home page. You’ll find information on how to contact the CTE staff or leave a general message. CTE

About the Author: Dennis Spaeth is electronic media editor for CTE and manages CTEplus. He can be reached at (847) 714-0176 or

CTEplus on location at IMTS 2012

CTEplus, the Web site for Cutting Tool Engineering, will be shooting video reports with machine shops and manufacturers on the exhibit hall floor during IMTS 2012, which will be held Sept. 10 to 15 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

If you’re going to the show and think your shop has a unique story to tell, send an e-mail to reserve a time slot during the CTEplus Shop Day at the CTE booth (W-1900). The goal for CTEplus Shop Day, which will take place during regular show hours Tuesday, Sept. 11, is to learn more about some of the people and machine shops that receive the magazine each month.

Among the questions we’ll be asking:

  • How long has your shop been in business?
  • How many people does it employ?
  • What services does your shop offer?
  • And, most importantly, what makes your shop unique?

If you’re interested in reserving a 3- to 5-minute on-camera interview at our booth, e-mail CTEplus Electronic Media Editor Dennis Spaeth at

In addition, manufacturers that would like to schedule a new product or technology video shoot at their booth during IMTS 2012 show hours can contact CTEplus at (847) 714-0176 or their sales representative. Though the final video reports are from 3 to 5 minutes (and sometimes longer), the shoot itself requires about 30 minutes to complete.

D. Spaeth

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