Cutting Tool Engineering
July 2012 / Volume 64 / Issue 7

Tooling product review

By CTE Staff


Tooling system matches proper toolholder to application

The HSK-A125 tooling system from BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc., Hoffman Estates, Ill., ( is for machine tools, such as Makino’s T2 and T4 models, that can cut large titanium and other difficult-to-machine workpieces on massive tables.

The A125 lineup is an expansion of the company’s HSK Form A program and is available on request. The lineup features many toolholder types, including HMC and Mega Double Power milling chucks up to 2 " in diameter, Mega ER/Mega N/Mega E collet chucks, shrink-fit holders, facemill adapters, Kaiser KAB adapters and Mega Synchro tapping holders. Through-coolant capability is standard, and most holders have a sealing arrangement for directing coolant through the tool or around the tool periphery.

“Selecting the proper toolholder for the application is the key,” said Alan T. Miller, the company’s engineering manager, product manager-BIG. “Our HSK-A125 tooling system provides the variety that ensures you have the right toolholder for the job, and the rigidity and precision to get the job done right. HSK-A125 is quickly becoming very popular in the aerospace industry.”


Toolholder extension for difficult-to-access areas on workpieces

Schunk Inc., Morrisville, N.C., ( offers the Tribos SVL toolholder extension to machine difficult-to-access areas on a workpiece. Runout accuracy is better than 0.003mm.

The extension can be combined with various toolholders, including the company’s Tendo hydraulic expansion holders, Celsio heat-shrink holders, Tribos holders and collet toolholders. When used in connection with Tendo hydraulic expansion holders or Tribos-R polygonal holders, vibration damping occurs for the overall system, the company reports. Extensions are available in clamping diameters from 0.3mm to 20mm and 1/8 " to ¾ ".


Shrink-fit toolholder series expanded

OSG Tap & Die Inc., Glendale Heights, Ill., ( says its expanded HY-PRO series shrink-fit toolholders are for high-speed and high-precision applications.

The expanded lineup includes the HY-PRO balancing machine, which is a modular system for balancing toolholders and grinding wheels to maximize machine tool potential and impart fine surface finishes at high spindle speeds. The company also offers collet chucks with vibration damping features to reportedly extend machine, spindle and tool life.


Air chucks have special top tooling

Northfield Precision Instrument Corp., Island Park, N.Y., ( custom designed four Model 450 air chucks to enhance a customer’s finishing efficiency.

The four air chucks, with special top tooling, are mounted on a pallet that installs on the machine bed. The machine’s pick-and-place arm takes the parts after they are machined in the two front chucks and transfers them to the rear two chucks for finishing. All hosing is routed under the plate for actuation of the chuck jaws.


Power drawbar offers numerous advantages

The OTT-JAKOB SK power drawbar from Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., Rockford, Ill., ( provides power-off clamping, an intensified spring force, a compact design with minimal rotating mass and no load on the spindle bearings during tool change.

The cutting tool is held in the spindle taper with gripper fingers, which are pulled into the taper with the drawbar’s spring pack. A patented intensifying mechanism multiplies the pull-in force, according to the company. The spring force applied to the clamping sleeve pushes the balls outward. The cam inside the spindle closes the gripper fingers and the tool is then securely locked. Loss or reduction in hydraulic pressure will not release the tool. The power-off design requires pressure applied to the hydraulic piston and transmitted through the rod to push the clamping sleeve down. CTE

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