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June 2011 / Video Showcase / Tungaloy America

Tungaloy America
Tungaloy presents 3 new products.

Tungaloy America is proud to present you with three of our new and innovative products.

Our DoOcto/DoQuad cutters feature interchangeable inserts. Octagonal 16 edge inserts in the DoOcto system and square 8 edge inserts for the DoQuad system. This system can be used for both roughing and semi-finishing of Steel and Cast Iron Milling.

Next up is our Tungmeister, 23 interchangeable heads are available making this a very exciting, multipurpose system. Three kinds of shank materials give users the choice of the most suitable combination according to the machining parameters, length and rigidity required.

Lastly we feature our Tungdrill Twisted drills, this system provides the user with stable and efficient machining. The inserts use a proven parallelogram shaped insert. The twisted coolant hole through the body increases fluid flow by 1½ times. The new coating process also increases the tool's life.

Enjoy the videos. If you have any questions contact your local Tungaloy sales rep or our main office 888-554-8394. Also visit our website

About the CTE Plus Video Showcase: The videos in this showcase were submitted by our advertisers and are presented here by Cutting Tool Engineering magazine as a service to our readers and Web-site visitors.

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