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June 2011 / Video Showcase / SGS Tool Co.

SGS Tool Co.
High-performance cutting solutions.

This video showcases four of SGS’ high-performance cutting solutions working in 4140 Alloy Steel at 28 HRc on a Haas VMC.

First is the ICe-Carb high performance coolant-through drill, available in 5 and 8 times depth to diameter ratio. The specialized flute design allows for efficient chip movement with a K-Land grind that helps strengthen the corner of the drill.  The cam relieved spilt point and polished coating help minimize the load created during the drilling process.

Next is the Hi-PerCarb drill with its unique helical double margin external coolant design. Available in 3 and 5 times depth to diameter lengths, the double margin design stabilizes the drill while producing superior surface finishes.

Third is the Z-Carb-AP with patented variable rake geometry that offers three stages of chatter suppression. The Z-Carb-AP is manufactured from specially engineered, high performance raw material and coated with the new Ti-NAMITE-X coating for dramatically longer life. The tool here also features Patented JetStream Technology that delivers coolant right to the shear zone.

Finally, the part is finished with the SGS 5-flute V-Carb, with a variable geometry that offers excellent shearing properties in a rigid, anti-chattering design. The V-Carb is uniquely able to produce tremendous surface finishes while offering aggressive machining capability.

Total cycle time to machine this steel flange is just 2:55. Visit

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