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June 2011 / Video Showcase / M.A. Ford®

M.A. Ford®
Tuff Cut® high-performance endmills.

Series 180, M.A. Ford®’s Tuff Cut® XR7, 7 Flute High Performance End Mill is shown machining 6AL-4V Titanium. Running at 3,242 RPM and fed at 82 in/min (2,079mm/min), this ½" (12.7mm) diameter end mill is profiling at 10% radial depth and 1.5x diameter axial depth. Coated with ALtima® Blaze coating and using flood coolant in this application, tools coated with ALtima® Blaze can be used in dry machining also.

Series 177, MA Ford®’s Tuff Cut® XR 4 Flute High Performance End Mill, is shown machining 4140 stainless steel. Running at 2,020 RPM, fed at 17.7 in/min (450mm/min) with an axial depth of 1x diameter and a radial depth of 50% of diameter, this ½" (12.7mm) diameter end mill cuts through the material with ease. Coated with ALtima®, the end mill is able to machine without coolant.

For more information on our High Performance line of XR End Mills, contact M.A. Ford® Customer Service at 800-553-8024 or 563-391-6220.

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