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June 2011 / Video Showcase / Castrol Industrial North America Inc.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc.
The science of lubricants and fluids.

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. is in business to supply the industrial marketplace with a unique and diverse range of essential and globally available products that can deliver the benefits of improved process efficiencies. Castrol's extensive line of high performance lubricants, cutting and grinding fluids, deformation products, greases, cleaners and corrosion inhibitors delivers a broad array of options for any application. With a primary focus on automotive, metals and machinery manufacturing markets, Castrol serves its customers through a combination of direct sales and select distributors. However served, Castrol works with its customers to understand their needs and deliver the science, technology and solutions required to exceed them. Come discover the "Technology Inside."

About the CTE Plus Video Showcase: The videos in this showcase were submitted by our advertisers and are presented here by Cutting Tool Engineering magazine as a service to our readers and Web-site visitors.

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