Cutting Tool Engineering

June 2011 / Video Showcase / Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
GEN3SYS XT drilling stainless steel with Austenitic Stainless Steel geometry.

The GEN3SYS® XT has a unique combination of substrate, geometry and new AM300 Coating that provides increased penetration rates & superior tool life over other competitivehigh penetration drills. The holders are available with a cylindrical shank or standard flange flat shank. A diameter range of 11mm – 35mm and drill-to-depth diameters of stub, 3x, 5x & 7x make the GEN3SYS® (TBNL) a great new addition to our product offering. GEN3SYS XT Inserts utilize the current GEN3SYS holders so you don’t have to buy a new tooling system to switch from GEN3SYS.

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