Cutting Tool Engineering

June 2011 / Video Showcase / REGO-FIX

REGO-FIX powRgrip Innovation Redefines Precision Toolholding.

REGO-FIX's powRgrip system maintains T.I.R. of less than 0.0001", while decreasing tool change times and offering the flexibility to accommodate tools from 0.2mm to 1" in diameter. Additionally, powRgrip achieves clamping forces well in excess of Shrink-Fit or Hydraulic systems, while also offering the best possible vibration dampening properties. The benefits to tool life, productivity and accuracy result in an ROI that is unmatched in the market.

About the CTE Plus Video Showcase: The videos in this showcase were submitted by our advertisers and are presented here by Cutting Tool Engineering magazine as a service to our readers and Web-site visitors.

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