Cutting Tool Engineering
October 2010 / Volume 62 / Issue 10

Product Focus: TriboMAM® from M4 Sciences

Using the TriboMAM® compact CNC lathe attachment, M4 Sciences President Jeffrey A. Bougher and Tsugami Rem Sales Applications Engineer Bob Budnovitch demonstrate the production of a stainless steel bone screw at the Tsugami booth during IMTS 2010.

The TriboMAM attachment is said to enable Modulation-Assisted Machining for drilling of precision micro-scale holes. According to the M4 Sciences Website, the attachment is suited for industrial drilling applications in CNC lathe drilling of difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, titanium, tantalum and copper.

A special drill bushing is said to hold drill tools 0.100mm to 5mm in diameter.

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